As you can see we LOVE kids here at Pathway! We have a class for every age. Each class has their own lesson, music, and activity that goes along with the Bible story for that day. At Pathway we think it is important to teach kids the basics from the beginning. You will always see an interactive session going on in any Pathway Kids classroom. Bring your children and let them experience the love of Christ through interaction at Pathway Church.

For more information about Pathway Kids please contact Tammie Futreal or Judy Miller or join our Facebook group.


Ages 0-2
Mission: To encourage parents to attend worship service by providing quality, Christ-centered care and nurturing by Spirit lead volunteers in a safe, secure, & sanitary environment where they can feel at ease leaving their children. (Luke18:15-17)


Ages 2-4
Mission: To “train up a child” with Biblical training, verse memorization, music, art, fun, and creative ways as they develop a sincere love of Jesus. (I Chron. 16:9)


Ages 5-7
Mission: To encourage spiritual development through the Biblical teaching (Deut. 6:7), mentoring by the Word and example, in order to instill Godly values and morals to equip students to impact their world for Jesus at church, home, school, or wherever God leads. (2 Peter 3:18)


Ages 8-10
Mission: To encourage preteen students to discover their identities in Christ.
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